Adele Tried To Dance Like Beyonce & The Video Is Adorably Awkward

Adele Tried To Dance Like Beyonce & The Video Is Adorably Awkward
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Who says she can’t dance?!

Adele treated an Australian concert crowd to a ridiculous Beyoncé impression – along with a heavy dose of her hilarious personality – and the audience positively ate it up!

“It’s basically two hours of crying and songs about my ex-boyfriend,” the superstar songstress apologized early in the set. But that didn’t stop the crowd of 75,000 in Melbourne from going absolutely wild.

While it’s safe to assume the 25 singer slayed the vocals as always, the Australian audience seemed to appreciate her sense of humor just as much. Early on, Adele announced that, “I don’t look like the way you can see me on the screen.”

Then she pointed at the people sitting up front and quipped, “[But] these poor f**kers down there, you can see what I really look like!”

That doesn’t mean she didn’t show any love to her fans in the nosebleed section. “You had such sh!t seats, I felt terrible!” she said, before explaining that she’d actually left a few handwritten notes under some of those back seats by way of apology.

But the highlight of the evening wasn’t her self-deprecating humor or even her once-in-a-generation vocals. The moment everyone’s still talking about was when she stopped in front of a fan (the spinning-blowing kind, not, like, a human), let it toss her hair all over the place, and let her inner Yoncé flow: 

Of course she immediately cracked up – as Adele does – but that’s the best part about her. She’s one of us.

“I’m not much of a touring artist,” she admitted, in case you didn’t love her enough. “I’d rather be home having Chinese to be honest.”

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