A Very Married Man Amar'e Stoudemire May Have To Cough Up MORE Child Support To His Side Chick

Alexis Welch, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Quynn Lovett
@amareisreal on Instagram, TotalProSports

Has the homie Amar'e been playing ball on someone else's court? The former NBA star has been married to Alexa Stoudemire for five years, but according to The New York Post, he is being sued for child support by a woman who claims that he was creeping and got her pregnant.

36-year-old Quynn Lovett is seeking full custody of Zoe Renee, the child she says Amar'e fathered last year. Amar'e reportedly confessed to the affair and revealed that he has been paying Lovett over $4,000 in temporary child support since November. He has also paid $22,500 in legal bills, but he called the lawsuit bogus because he wasn't told of his possible paternity until several months after the child was born.

Sources say Lovett is unemployed and hasn't been looking for work since Amar'e started paying for young Zoe Renee, so now he wants a DNA test.

When will these rich athletes and celebrities learn that infidelity isn't worth it?

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