Start 'Em Young! This Adorable Father-Son Self-Care Video Is Black Boy Joy At Its Finest

father-son self-care video
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Eric Ellis doesn't have many memories of his father, having lost him as a young boy.

For that reason, Ellis has started to diligently document his life in videos with his own son, Faruq Ade Ellis — and one of them in particular has stolen the internet's heart!

In an epically precious video called "The Art of Moisture" that's currently making the rounds on social media, Ellis applies lotion and coconut oil to his skin and hair as his 20-month-old gleefully follows suit.

Don't forget those little knees!

Eric told HuffPost that he and his wife, Hadiya, are working together to make sure that their son grasps the importance of proper self-care early on in his life.

(You may remember this picture-perfect family from another one of their viral posts, which showed off their expert yoga skills!)

"His mother is very much on top of setting a standard for his diet, and my showing him about his male grooming is the other component to complete that self-care,” Eric said.

To this dad, it's not just important for Faruq to learn how to maintain his own health — it's also important for him to be able to see his dad as a role model.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned thus far is that being proactive about my health as a black father is the best insurance I can provide to my family," Eric says.

Now, excuse us while we MELT over this adorable duo!

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