'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Takes Aim At Trump Administration In ' F.U.W.' Video

'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Takes Aim At Trump Administration In ' F.U.W.' Video

Jussie Smollet just released a music video taking aim at the Trump administration and their rhetoric and policies against oppressed people.

The song's title is "F.U.W." which stands for "F@$#ed Up World." And he goes on to show us what makes life in the age of Trump so messed up. Take a look:

In this haunting black and white video, Smollett sings over shots of a diverse group of people: a woman wearing hijab, a little boy in a yarmulke, a disabled man in a wheelchair, a group of women beneath a banner about body autonomy. One scene shows a Native American man holding a sign that says "Flint" while a Black girl holds a sign that says "Standing Rock," symbolizing the solidarity between these two groups of people who have been fighting for clean water.

Smollett said in a statement: "This is not a single. It's not a song to promote the series. It's an artistic expression...My view of this sick cycle, an era in which e must fight our way out of before it's too late. This view of unity is something they may never understand. That is why it is up to us. Train your daughters and sons to be soldiers of love, despite and in spite of this F#$* Up World."

The video takes a direct shot at Trump by showing a person in a creepy, clown-like rubber Trump mask which falls to the floor.

Jussie Smollett has appeared in Fox's hit series "Empire," and his latest project is the breakout hit "Underground."

At the end of the song, Jussie makes one more direct statement to the Trump administration when he sings these lyrics: "Build a wall, it won't keep us from loving each other."

Amen to that, Jussie.

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