Here's How to Avoid Becoming a Fat Ass Over 40!

Here's How to Avoid Becoming a Fat Ass Over 40!
Xavier Arnau

It’s no secret as women age, it’s more arduous to take extra weight off.  A three week binge of eating sweets and carbs was easily counteracted in our 20s by a week of running and rigorous cardio.  Well, not anymore it takes several weeks of rigorous cardio after a short weekend of cavity worthy sugar intake now that we're getting up there. 

Running used to be the best way to get back on track because it was the most convenient and easy thing to do (no gym membership required) with a high caloric burn rate. Now studies are showing that it not only wears down your joints but it can add ten years to your appearance.  Other options for great cardio workouts are spin and rowing machines but after 40 it’s best to do weight loss exercises in moderation.  

Our faces naturally lose volume...too much intense cardio will have you aging in dog years and leave you with an uncanny resemblance to Fire Marshall Bill. 

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So what are the other options besides throwing down over cardio machines, wearing a jock strap on your face or becoming a medallion level filler patient?  Eating right and having a potent weight resistance program……it’s honestly that simple but it does require commitment and willpower.  

Clean Eating:

The benefits to exercise are endless but the majority of the fitness gurus out there will tell you the most important part of looking good is what you’re throwing down your throat.  If you want carved abs you better lose the soft drinks, sweet teas and even the juices. If you know what your body is sensitive to, take it out of your meals during the week and treat yourself two days a week.  Meal replacements aren’t good for your body you need three solid meals where you’re chewing your food.  If you’re tying to cut weight then eliminate any snacks and add lean meat or fish to each meal even breakfast. 

BLAST Workouts:

If you can work out 5 days a week that’s fantastic...realistically that’s not possible for everyone so it’s more important to work out smart and eat clean. The most effective weight resistance programs uses light or relative weight and work to muscle failure. BLAST (Balanced Level of Aerobic/Anaerobic Strength Training) workouts are undoubtedly the most efficient and productive type of discipline out there. It’s been around for years amongst elite athletes but it’s just recently become popular with the common folk. Weight resistance done this way is more effective and less traumatizing to your face than straight, intense cardio.  I’m not saying to get rid of the aerobic piece by any means...that is imperative for heart health.  I’m saying this method is the absolute best  (in my opinion) method of training that burns fat efficiently and when combined with good eating habits… will change your body without compromising your skin.    

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