'Love & Hip Hop': Jasmine Launches Search Party For Kirk, Meanwhile Rasheeda Contemplates Divorce

kirk frost rasheeda

Kirk Frost is setting a new record for “running from your problems.”

The Love & Hip Hop star’s supposed baby mama just called him out on Instagram, labeling him as #frostythehoeman as she tries to get her child’s paternity sorted out once and for all.

Jasmine Washington’s been making some pretty big claims. She says her baby, Kannon, is the son of Frost, and she’s trying to prove it via paternity test. The problem is, she can’t seem to find Kirk anywhere.

The situation has gotten so bad, Jasmine hired a process server to give Frost the papers requiring him to appear for the DNA test. But even this server, a professional, can’t find the man! According to court documents, the server tried to catch Frost a dozen times over two months, but could never find the guy.

So, when all else fails, where can Jasmine turn but to Instagram? Here’s the savage pic and caption she posted, calling out Frost’s nonsense:

It’s obvious why Kirk wouldn’t want to man up and take the test: the minute he’s confirmed as the father, he’ll have to start paying child support, plus answer some very difficult questions to his family.

Rasheeda, meanwhile, is starting to get fed up with the situation and seriously reconsidering her life with Kirk. In this preview for the next episode of Love & Hip Hop, she can be seen chatting with Scrappy about the situation:

What do you think? Is Kirk the daddy? Is it finally time for Rasheeda to get out of this situation?

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