Quincy Jones Is Demanding $30 Million From Michael Jackson's Estate For Lost Royalties

quincy jones michael jackson

Quincy Jones is the legendary producer behind some of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits, but it sounds like he’s not been seeing his fair share of cash since The King of Pop died in 2009.    

Jones is going after the Jackson estate for $30 million. And while that sounds like a huge number, the estate has been raking in cash over the past 8 years. 

After MJ’s untimely death, interest in his music blew up again. That means more royalties, and since Jones was one of the masterminds behind Off the Wall and Thriller, he’s definitely entitled to some of that revenue.

There’s also This Is It, the film about Michael that eventually became the highest grossing documentary in history. Jones is saying he hasn’t seen enough cash from that either—especially since he produced most of the songs used—he’s legitimately entitled.

The Jackson estate isn’t arguing that Jones isn’t owned money – they're just saying that $30 million is absurd. According to the executor of the estate, “It was never our practice to cheat… Mr. Jones. [Jones’ laywers are] creating a false impression.”

Jones was offered a sum closer to $3 million when the suit first started in 2013, but he rejected that sum. The actual case that’ll determine his payday only just started, but either way the judge decides, it sounds like this is going to be a big payout.

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