These Gorgeous Diamonds Are Actually Made From Human Ashes

These Gorgeous Diamonds Are Actually Made From Human Ashes
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Ashes to ashes, dust to... diamonds?

A Swiss startup called Algordanza is turning cremated human remains into stunning gemstones — and the process costs about as much as the average U.S. funeral.

The science behind it is simple: Human ashes contain carbon, and when put under extreme heat and pressure for several weeks, the element forms a beautiful diamond. 

According to Mashable, most of these "man-made" diamonds — ha, get it? — are blue because of the presence of trace amounts of boron in human bodies.

Rinaldo Willy, Algordanza's founder and CEO, told NPR that a single person's ashes can create up to nine of these diamonds.


While many religions frown upon cremation, much less turning cremated human remains into diamonds, some people think it's a unique way to memorialize their loved ones. (And if you're the type of person who wants the deceased to have a physical presence in your life, wearing a diamond made of your relative — or even your pet — is a little more discreet than carrying around an urn filled with his or her ashes.)

Sara Pieretti, a woman who had a diamond made by Algordanza, told Mashable, "(To) have a diamond made from my father, it is a memory, and I have a part of him with me."


Does this idea fascinate you, or is it wayyy too macabre? Considering the fact that modern burial practices are horrible for the environment — embalming involve toxic chemicals, for instance, and cemeteries take up lots of space and resources — turning your remains into a memorial diamond might be something worth looking into. 💎

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