This 1920s Era Mascara Is Selling Out Fast!

This 1920s Era Mascara Is Selling Out Fast!
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Though it's such a crucial part of our makeup routine, our mascara is usually an afterthought. We pick a brand we like and just stick to it forever most of the time. Plus, there can't really be anything that new or different coming to the world of mascara, right? 

In a way, that's true. There's nothing that new that's trending in mascara, but a super old school mascara is coming back in a big way.

Besame Cosmetics specializes in retro makeup. From lipsticks in authentic vintage colors to cream rouge from the 1930s, Besame likes to bring back forgotten classics.

One of their most popular items hasn't been around since the 1920s. It's Cake Mascara.

What? Scrubbing a cake of mascara onto your eyelashes sounds like a pain and maybe a crazy idea. But people can't stop singing it's praises!

Cake mascara was the very first widely available type of mascara that fell away once the tube became popular. Besame says that the best part about the cake is that you can layer your mascara without clumping. So, you get longer and thicker lashes without any annoying blobs.

Not only does this give you great lashes, it also works as an eyeliner or brow fill (if you have very dark brows, of course). The application is surprisingly smooth and versatile.

People love it's retro appeal, but mostly think it's an outstanding product. Lot's of people say they'll never return to even the highest end mascara.

One 5-star review listed on Besame says:

At first, I bought this thinking "Oh, it's probably just like all mascaras, but I need it for the novelty," and I have never been so wrong in my life. I swear, I will never use modern mascara again. This is the best, most clump-free experience I've ever had with mascara. On top of that, the packaging is beautiful. You can't go wrong with this product.

If you love retro looks or are curious about it's vintage appeal, you have to try out Besame Cosmetics. This mascara is so popular, it already completely sold out! Don't worry, they're doing restocks constantly.

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