This Bride Just Recreated Solange Knowles' Amazing Wedding Look & We're Feeling It!

bride who recreated Solange Knowles' look
Aaron Rickets via Popsugar

Solange Knowles may not have a full Bey-hive to back her up 24/7, but she still has the style chops to make people swoon so hard they copy her for their own wedding.

According to PopSugar, Bria Shelton and Eric Brown are one such couple who thought that Solange's wedding vibes were the perfect reflection of their "youthful and spirited relationship."

Solange Knowles's wedding to Alan Ferguson in 2014 was nothing short of flawless. In true Knowles fashion, everyone wore white, and all of the photos looked like the album cover for the next platinum record:

@Beyonce via Instagram

So when Bria and Eric took on Solange's wedding vibes, they weren't messing around. In an interview with Yahoo Style, Bria said, “I came to realize that a traditional wedding was not our taste as a couple. My family didn’t support me at first. They just didn’t understand.”

Bria emulated Solange in a few different ways: first, she had her bridal party don all-white outfits. Traditionally, bridesmaids wear any color BUT white (but we all know the Knowles sisters have always been anything but traditional). 

Next, she recreated Solange's jumpsuit-and-cape look. Here was Solange's look:


...And here is the look Bria came up with to emulate it:

Aaron Rickets

It's safe to say Bria and Eric knocked their Solange-themed wedding right out of the park. Her outfit is fierce, and even her photography is on point. Her bridesmaids did a pretty great job getting into the album-cover vibes, too.

Bria and Eric met when they were children, which makes the whole story that much cuter. To Yahoo Style, she said that she saw him at family parties often, but it wasn't until college that they began to date, and three years later became engaged. Ugh. We love love.

Bride's Wedding
Aaron Rickets

Apparently, Bria organized the wedding in less than six months, which was probably possible because she was using Solange freaking Knowles as her personal Pinterest wedding board. 

But a love for similar fashion isn't the only thing Bria and Solange have in common: she apparently dedicated and sang a song to her husband at the reception. All of the sad feels that we weren't able to make it to EITHER of these magical nights.

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