This Girl Was Booted From A Job Interview Because Of Her Ensemble

This Girl Was Booted From A Job Interview Because Of Her Ensemble

One of the most stressful parts of a job interview is deciding what to wear, but for Rosie Reilly, she thought that was the least of her worries when she landed the chance to interview for a recent position at an eye care chain in the U.K.

We could have possibly sided with Boots Opticians if Rosie looked a mess in her job interview outfit when she showed up. However, her outfit was fine; tasteful polka dot button down, a knee-length skirt, and some tights.

Instead of seeing her for the interview though, she was turned away and told to come back when she was dressed "more conservatively." Seriously?

No word on if they told her that because she had part of her head shaved, some ink, and a nose ring. But even if that was the's 2017. Who doesn't have a tattoo here and there, especially young people? 

In all honesty, this eye care chain sounds like a bunch of prudes that couldn't handle someone with actual style walking through their doors. They let go of a potential candidate over a job interview outfit they didn’t like, that really wasn’t that bad. Come on!

In an email to The Today Show Rosie explained that she was going to actually go home and change, but by the time she left and was able to catch a bus home she was done. All she could do was let her frustration out in a stream of tears as she headed home.

In case you're wondering, she didn't go back and we're happy she didn't. We're also happy she shared her experience so people could see the shady side of that company. Boots did reach out to her. They said they took this incident seriously, but we've all seen that before. It's likely they are just hoping this bad PR blows over so their names get out of the headlines.Rosie looked good and hey, it was their loss. Not only did they lose out on a woman who stands tall for what she believes in, but they looked bad as hell for it in the end. 

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