This Makeup Artist Reveals How Much A Full Face Of Makeup Costs

This Makeup Artist Reveals How Much A Full Face Of Makeup Costs

Prom season is upon us again! Makeup artists from all over the country are probably busy updating their portfolios and stocking up on new products to prepare for an upcoming stream of clients and countless makeovers. As part of her preparation, 18-year-old makeup artist Mikala Walker took to Twitter to announce she was taking appointments. She indicated that a full face would cost $75, including foundation, glitter, lashes, and a couple more add-ons. 

$75 for a full face doesn't seem like much considering the freebies Mikala would be throwing in, not to mention the impressive portfolio of looks she's done in the past. Take one look at her Instagram page (that has now over 53k followers) and you'll be in awe of her talent and the progress she has made over time. But trolls on Twitter and several of her followers thought she was ripping them off. Her ad got responses saying that the price she was charging for was "pretty ridiculous for the quality of [her] work" and that it was "total bs". 

Instead of fighting back, Walker, in retaliation, got smart and crunched some numbers to show just how much a full face of makeup actually costs. She tweeted a list of the products she uses along with their price tags, and boy, they did not come in cheap. The calculator revealed a whooping $635!

A lot of her followers chimed in to defend Mikala, saying that her price is actually a steal, and that it's warranted for because of her talent!

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Mikala shared that she has been practicing with makeup ever since she was 12, and has now started working as an artist doing proms and weddings.

“I started my business by doing my friends’ makeup for free, then eventually I transitioned to servicing others for $20 for a full face to start out,” she said. “I try to provide exactly what each customer is looking for every time they come to me. I pride myself in having versatility with all skin tones and skin types.”

When asked why she publicly shared how much her products and tools costs, she said it's to help people understand her costing.

“I felt like if I broke down the individual cost of products, versus how much I charge per person, maybe some of those who previously attacked me could understand why,” she said.

Mikala's price breakdown just goes to show that it's not just the products you're paying for, but the actual artistry that goes behind doing a full face. Makeup artists like her spend years trying to master how to do a perfect cat eye, a variety of cut crease looks, and plenty more beauty skills. Let's all support them for their craft and pay them the compensation they deserve for the hard work they do! Kudos, Mikala!

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