You Won't Believe How Much Money J-Lo Spends On Her Bronzer

You Won't Believe How Much Money J-Lo Spends On Her Bronzer
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Jennifer Lopez has long been the queen of the bronzey glow. Her signature makeup look has inspired legions of aspiring sun-kissed, ageless beauties in their own quests to perfect such a flawless look, but it's no secret that the J Glow is untouchable. I mean, just look at her!

Lucky for us, J. Lo's longtime makeup artist Mary Phillips spilled the deets on the superstar's bronzing secrets to Allure, and it turns out that looking like the photo next to the dictionary's definition of "perfect" ain't cheap.

Looking to achieve J. Lo levels of glow? Get ready to shell out a pretty penny. Phillips credits Serge Lutens Beauté's $170 Blusher in Brown as the best bronzer that (lots of) money can buy.

"The color isn’t necessarily universal, but if it does work for you, then this could be the end of your search," she said. "It blends beautifully, gives a great glow, and doesn’t sit on the skin or look grainy. It looks so real."

Phillips suggests finding a bronzer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your own skin tone to achieve your own most natural bronze.

Don't have $170 in your bronzer budget at the moment? Don't fret. Phillips was kind enough to suggest four other bronzers that are much more affordable so that we without J. Lo bronzer budgets can still get our glow on.

Happy bronzing!

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