Here Are Some Natural Ways To Help You Smell Better Down South

Here Are Some Natural Ways To Help You Smell Better Down South

How does your vagina smell right now? Is that getting too personal? We’re only asking because before we get what the bad smells are, we thought you should know what to compare them to.

First things first. A vagina is not supposed to smell like bottle of douche (we’ll get into douching in a lil’ bit). Since your vagina has good bacteria in it and it is slightly acidic, if it smells at all, it should be slightly sour. And, if you work out or it’s hot outside, the sweat may give it a bit of a musty odor. Neither should be overpowering and definitely not something others should pick up on...if they're not really close---like REALLY CLOSE---by.

As for the not-so-fresh scents? A fishy smell usually means that some type bacterial vaginosis is going on. A rotten smell might be because you’ve got pieces of a tampon still lodged inside of you. Super strong smells might be related to your diet.

Again, it’s not supposed to be a honey pot, but a woman’s body chemistry will NATURALLY attract her partner. If it doesn’t, something’s up. If yours doesn't, make an appointment to see your doctor first. Then try these proven ways to make your vagina smell so much better too.

Eat Yogurt

Your body is made up of good bacteria and bad bacteria. Something that helps to keep the good bacteria going, especially in your vaginal region, is yogurt. It contains the kind of cultures that maintains your vagina’s pH levels. That will reduce the chances of having a yeast infection, and it will keep your vagina smelling good too. To get the best results, eat eight ounces a day.

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