Britney Spears & Ellen Do Whatever They Want at a Mall Because They DGAF

Britney Spears & Ellen Do Whatever They Want at a Mall Because They DGAF

Ellen came back with new episodes of her talk show this week, and she came back with a bang. She invited Britney Spears to join her at an LA mall to do whatever they wanted. Because, you know, who cares?

Britney and Ellen then proceeded to ruin everything at the Westfield Fashion Square Mall. "I told her we could whatever we wanted because we were famous," Ellen joked-but-not-actually-joked.

Here is a list of everything illegal thing they did, from order of least to most DGAF:

  • Ran a stop sign
  • Asked for a lot of Ben and Jerry's ice cream
  • Parked in front of the mall
  • Demanded a lot of sprinkles spooned directly into their hands with no ice cream
  • Kicked a decorative punching bag
  • Told normal people to get out of the way of the entrance
  • Signed small children's shirts
  • Stole a purse
  • Told a crowd they're People's Choice Award winners
  • Ate ice cream at a display Pottery Barn table
  • Growled at a random woman
  • Walked up a down elevator
  • Stole a suit worth hundreds of dollars
  • Definitely made a teenage boy get an erection
  • Ruined a teenage boy's dream of being a doctor
  • Coerced a citizen to steal coins from a fountain
  • Called Chanel "Channel"
  • Slept in a display bed at Pottery Barn
  • Said "hips don't lie" like it was a normal thing to say and not a song by Shakira

Slay all day, Ellen and Britney. Slay. All. Day.

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