Police Just Popped By R. Kelly's Mansion To Check On One Of His Alleged Victims At Her Family's Request

police visit r. kelly
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Joycelyn Savage's family is doing whatever it takes to make sure their daughter is safe, even as she continues to refuse their desperate pleas for contact.

The boys in blue paid a surprise visit to R. Kelly's house this Tuesday at the request of the Savage family, who believe the 50-year-old singer is holding the 21-year-old woman hostage as part of his abusive sex "cult."

TMZ has obtained a video of the so-called ambush, which shows Savage's family members standing outside Kelly's Atlanta home alongside a pack of squad cars.

Savage's family reportedly asked police to conduct a welfare check after their request to meet with their daughter was met with total silence on Kelly's part.

"Let's see what type of balls he got," Joycelyn's father Tim Savage says in the footage of the ambush, looking on from afar with Joycelyn's sister as police approach Kelly's mansion.

"If (Kelly) a man, he need to come out, let my daughter come out," Tim tells the camera. "I told him: He ain't come to me, I was gon' come to him."

Unfortunately, the Savage family's efforts were in vain: A member of Kelly's entourage answered the door and claimed that Joycelyn wasn't even home at the time. Police later said that they were eventually able to speak with Joycelyn via FaceTime, where she once again claimed that she is alright but declined to speak with her family. 

Kelly's location during the visit was unclear, and so far his reps haven't commented on the meeting.

Do you think Kelly's just caught in the middle of one family's drama, or is there more to Joycelyn's situation than meets the eye?

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