Michelle Obama Partners With Spotify To Help College-Bound Students Make Successful Transitions

Michelle Obama
Chuck Kennedy via The Root

It takes more than a strong grade point average, high SAT scores, and a dazzling entrance essay to become successful college students. Most young people undergo culture shock as their new campus home is nothing like home.

To help a very deserving group of 35 high school students prepare for their transitions into college life and beyond, former First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with Spotify to host the "Beating The Odds" (BTO) summit in Washington, D.C.. 

Obama was joined by Spotify's Vice President of Creator Services Troy Carter and Vice President of Partner Solutions Danielle Lee. Reach Higher at Civic Nation also lent its support of the event.

The day-long event was held on the campus of Dunbar High School. Students attended college transition workshops. Spotify executives also hosted a panel to discuss the role music plays in communities and our culture. R&B artist Kevin Ross even performed for the teens.

Obama, Carter, Lee and others shared personal anecdotes about the challenges they faced personally and professionally. Their goal was to inspire the young people to be resilient problem-solvers. They also encouraged the teens to study the tech industry and perhaps even pursue careers in the field.

Former participants of the "Beating The Odds" summit have learned valuable lessons that helped with their college starts.

"During BTO, I learned that asking for help is not a sign of weakness and that relying on others can help us better reach our goal," Tenzin Choenyi said in Forbes

"Once I got comfortable with my college workload around my sophomore year, I started to get really involved around college and started to meet new people, Tenzin continued. "Today, as I look forward to my senior year in college, I am excited for the new challenges facing me."

Programs like these are helping young people to literally beat the odds and we need more like them. Well done!

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