Natural Hair Is Being Celebrated In A New Documentary & We Can't Wait To See It

Natural Hair Is Being Celebrated In A New Documentary & We Can't Wait To See It

Back in 2009, Chris Rock embarked on a journey that many documentations had yet to take notice of, black hair. Good Hair was a glorious endeavor that allowed audiences, of all ethnicities, to realize that black hair ain’t like everybody else's. Now, while we aren’t getting a Rock sequel, Grind Over Matter Films is presenting their own take on the matter with their film, Natural Hair The Movie and we can't wait to see it!

As someone with natural locks, this movie is a definite must because it explores what it means to rock the natural look. Producer Ashanti Titus notes, in their Kickstarter video, that this film is about a variety of things. Including, the new transition of black people fully embracing their hair the way it is and walking away from what has been sort of expected of them for basically decades. Please tell me there is a whole part about the wonders of bantu knots because those are a blessing, for real.

Other aspects of this documentary, that started shooting back in 2015, include the pressure some women felt to get relaxers, and the dreaded subject that every black person knows about...random strangers coming up and asking if they can touch your hair. To paraphrase one woman featured in the video, we are not petting zoo fixtures. If I had a dollar for every time someone came up and asked to touch my curls, I’d have enough for a Tesla. Okay, that may be an over exaggeration but I have had a lot of people, I don’t know, try and touch my head of curls.

Going back to Good Hair, Reginald Titus Jr., the Director and Executive Producer of Natural Hair The Movie said to Black News, “People say to us, when we talk about our movie, that it reminds them of Chris Rock’s movie Good Hair. Even though we like his movie, this film is different because it provides a solution to where Good Hair left off. We respect the fact that Chris Rock was able to get the conversation started.”

Now, it’s only a matter of time to see what where Natural Hair takes this conversation that we for sure want to be a part of.

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